The Team

Matt – Director

Choice Team - Matt

Matt is one of the owners and started the business over 14 years ago. He is focused on continued growth through the introduction of new product lines and improvement in the way we service our customers. Fishing is his passion and you’ll find him down at the beach wetting a line most weeks, regardless of the season.

Rachel – Director

Choice Team - Rachel

Rachel does most of her work ‘behind the scenes’ so you won’t see her in the office too much. Among other things, she ensures our employees are paid, the tax man is happy, and our systems and processes are in order.

Sven – Operations Manager

Choice Team - Sven

Sven is at the heart of the day-to-day operations making sure everyone gets what they need and when they need it. He’s in charge of both sales and the warehouse and, by keeping everything running smoothly, frees up Matt to look for new products and new opportunities. Outside of work he is heavily involved in Fencing; President of his club and a coach for many years – his father was an Olympic Gold medalist!

Kevin – Warehouse Coordinator

Choice Team - Kevin2

Kevin knows the warehouse and our products back to front; there’s a good chance he has either served you direct in the warehouse, or delivered your goods! He has a wealth of building industry knowledge, in particular the plumbing industry. He, like Matt, also shares a keen interest in fishing!

Dave – Warehouse Coordinator

Choice Team - Dave

Dave has a comprehensive knowledge of the range of products we carry at Choice. He is very hands on and has a broad range of working experience from growing mushrooms, undertaking, and delivering toilets like Kenny! In his spare time, Dave is a family man first, but has also been volunteering with the SES for over 12 years.