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Hoses & Sprayguns

The hose and reel combo Code I450 below is a durable sturdy construction and uses 8mm air hose, so no kinking, no holes and a much longer lifespan than a traditional hose yet fantastic value thanks to the importing power of Choice.


Tools Hoses 450

Air Hose and Reel

Size: 30m x 8mm Air Hose
Item Code: I450

Tools Hoses 4508

4 Way Hose Tap Connector Brass

Item Code: I404

Tools Hoses 4509

2 Way Hose Tap Connector Brass

Item Code: I402

Tools Hoses 4506

Hose Connector Plastic

Size: 12mm
Item Code: I410

Tools Hoses 4505

Hose Joiner Plastic

Item Code: I412

Spray Gun

Tools Sprayguns 4544

7 Pattern Spray Gun PVC

Item Code: I424

Tools Sprayguns 454

Premium Spray Gun Brass

Item Code: I460