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Some plasterers use the silicone lubricant Code C700 on gutters to make cleaning easier when the jobs done – just wipe your render off. Check out the single and double step hop-ups, they comply with Australian standards and will save you significant fines if your still using milk crates.

Other Tools

Tools Other Scoop 410


Description: Wood Handle Stainless Bowl
Item Code: K080

Tools Other Water Brush 566

Water Brush Flick On

Description: Marshalltown
Item Code: I310

Tools Other Double Hop Up 468

Hop Up

Description: Double Metal Yellow
Item Code: I620

Tools Other Scrubbing Brush 572

Scrubbing Brush

Description: Heavy Duty
Item Code: I302

Tools Other Wire Brush 5910

Wire Brush D-Handle

Item Code: I304

Tools Other Knife 5941

Knife 18mm Snap Blade

Item Code: K400

Tools Other Knife 5942

Knife Metal Retractable

Item Code: K406

Tools Other Knife Alloy Folding 5943

Knife Alloy Folding + 5pce Blades

Item Code: K402

Tools Other Knife Autoload Utility 5944

Knife Autoload Utility

Item Code: K404

Tools Other Tin Snips 5945

Tin Snips Straight Cut

Description: Choice
Item Code: K444

Tools Other Shovel 539


Description: Long Handle Steel
Item Code: I212

Tools Other Shovel 538


Description: D-Handle Steel
Item Code: I202

Tools Other Rake 59702


Description: Choice Red Metal
Item Code: I222

Tools Other Broom 5655


Description: 450mm Head
Item Code: I104