Squares, Levels & Scrapers - Tools

Squares, Levels & Scrapers

The yellow handle scraper Code I244 below is very popular with setters and is extremely long lasting.


Tools Squares 401

Plasterers Square

Item Code: L720

Tools Squares 405

Builders Square

Size: 200mm x 300mm
Item Code: L700

Tools Squares 404

Builders Square

Size: 400mm x 600mm
Item Code: L702

T-Bar & Box Rule

Tools T-Bar Box Rule 400

Aluminium T-Bar 6.5m

Size: Precut 3 x 2.166m
Item Code: L020

Tools T-Bar Box Rule 4001

Aluminium L-Bar 2.15m

Item Code: L010

Tools T-Bar Box Rule 4002-4007

Aluminium Box Rule

Size: 3.4m
Item Code: L108

Tools Scrapers 415

Floor Scraper Fibreglass Handle

Size: 350mm
Item Code: I244

Tools Levels 5935ox

Ox Level

Size: 1.2m
Item Code: L615

Tools Levels 5935ox

Ox Level

Size: 2m
Item Code: L618

Tools Levels 5935ox

Ox Level

Size: 2.4m
Item Code: L619