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Ramset will no longer offer free repairs or servicing for the TrakMaster tool

Choice Building Products have been advised by Ramset that from 1st of May 2016 they will no longer service or repair the older-style TrakMaster tool free of charge.

You can still get your TrakMaster serviced/repaired but it will incur a cost. Two scenarios may apply:

  • If the cost of the service/repair is between $204 and $341, Ramset will go ahead and carry out the repair/service without notification. We won’t find out the exact cost until the tool has come back to us. By sending the tool for repair, you are agreeing to pay up to $341 for the service/repair.
  • If the cost is higher than $341, Ramset will provide a quote. At that point we would seek your approval prior to going ahead with the service/repair. Please keep in mind that if you choose not to go ahead then your tool will be sent back unassembled, no charges will apply in that instance.

All service/repair work be provided with a warranty of 3 months.

All above prices are plus GST.

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